Skinny Women Banned from Canadian Gym

I’m sure you’ve heard of gyms that are for women only, but have you ever heard of one that not only bans men but “skinny” women as well?

While going to the gym may be simple for some, it can be a much harder task for others. I don’t necessarily mean reasons due to lack of motivation or lack of time. What I’m talking about is lack of confidence and security.

Body Exchange, a gym chain in Canada, has banned all males and skinny females from using their gym. Their reasoning? To create a “safe-haven” for overweight women where they can workout without feeling insecure or uncomfortable. They want their plus-size clientele to have a place where they can relate and challenge themselves without wondering if the fitness gurus/everyday gym goers surrounding them are judging them or not.

The bold business move was made by founder and CEO, Louise Green, whose concept was inspired by her own personal experience with weight loss and obesity. In 2000, Green started her weight loss journey where she herself struggled with intimidation throughout the process. During this time was when she learned of her passion for helping others. As of today, Green is a certified personal trainer, wellness coach, fitness expert, and of course, founder of Body Exchange gyms.

The company has several options for their clients; one including what they call Fit Camps. These camps are a four-week long progressive program designed for those who are plus size. This step is considered the entry level for new clients, which incorporates strength training and cardio in an interval-style workout. Fit Camps are held year round at all Body Exchange locations.

Two more program options include the “Adventures” and “Destinations.” The Adventure program is held once a month and is designed to incorporate new activities for clients that push them to their boundaries. Some of these activities include snowshoeing, hiking, and cycling. The Destination program is at the top of the favorites list due to its vacation concept to get away with no distractions and put 100% focus into the weight loss program. The Destination trip includes top-of-the-line athletic training, lifestyle support, healthy nutrition, spa services, meditation, yoga and more.

Also offered with Body Exchange is their Personal Training service with great amounts of flexibility to work with the client’s difficult schedules and goals.

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