South Park Creators Bring Cheesy Poofs to Walmart

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have created some of the most cutting edge satire and cultural lampooning in TV history. Are they setting themselves up to be goofed on themselves? The creators of South Park have struck up a deal with Frito-Lay to manufacture 1.5 million packages of their famous Cheesy Poofs, Cartman’s favorite junk food snack. It’s set to appear in Walmart in August.

For a couple of guys who do such a good job of poking fun at just about everything in our society, it’s hard to imagine they don’t see the irony in contributing to one of the biggest plights in modern history: childhood obesity. Usually you would think they would be on the side of goofing on our society’s dietary problems and addictions to processed foods, however distasteful or offensive they may be.

Cheesy Poofs, which are being marketed during the 15-year anniversary of South Park, will cost little Kenny an arm and a leg at $2.99 for just a 2-and-3/8-ounce bag.

It’s one part of a larger publicity campaign that includes a replica of the South Park cafeteria at this year’s Comic-Con. I presume Cheesy Poofs will be available for consumption.

While it doesn’t appear that the ingredients have been made public, it’s hard to imagine they would be much different than the product they spoof, which is Frito Lay’s own Cheetos, which starts with enriched corn meal and ends with stuff like monosodium glutamate (better known as MSG).

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Matt Stone and Trey Parker have always pushed the boundaries of good taste. Does this leave a bad taste in your mouth, or is it really no big deal? I’d like to hear what you think.

(via: AdWeek)

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