Speed Bumps in my Weight Loss Journey

Because of my recent success on the “Biggest Loser” I have had many wonderful opportunities to share my story with others. bernie biggest loserIt is my hope that sharing my journey will not only inspire others to lead healthier lives, but realize that anything is possible given a clear goal and hard work.  I have shared my journey with audiences across this great country from Los Angeles to New York.  I am honored that I am able to share my story with so many people, however I am quickly finding that the more I’m on the road the harder it is to maintain a workout and diet routine.

One of the things that I speak about when sharing my story is the importance of taking “ME” time, no matter how busy you find yourself. However, given my hectic schedule and the amount of traveling I have been doing lately, I am quickly finding out that setting aside “ME” time is easier said than done. Yesterday, for example, I found myself at a Children’s Health and Nutrition Expo in Philadelphia and although I managed to eat healthy by packing snacks and ordering smart, I wasn’t able to make it to a gym or go for a run.

At first, I was really disappointed then I realized that feeling guilty about missing a workout was something the “Old Bernie” would have done.  Instead of viewing my missed workout as a failure I am choosing to use it as an opportunity to share with everyone the fact that just like many of you I am still figuring this out as I go, and am in fact experiencing some speed bumps along the way. I’ve come to the conclusion that I alone define “ME” time and that the most important thing is that during these rough patches I take time to reflect on my successes and use them to fuel my journey and not allow the occasional bumps to slow me down.

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  1. :) says:

    Thank you for posting this, I think it is hard sometimes to take ‘me’ time, but it is important and something I am working on as well. Good luck with everything and hope you do an event in my neck of the woods sometime! 🙂

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