Study Casts ‘Good Vibrations’ on New Fitness Method

Remember the old black and white footage of the desperate people trying to lose weight with the vibrating belt machines? What people used to believe, right?

While it’s not exactly the same sort of hocus pocus, there’s a new method of “exercise” that may help with muscle performance, and even enhance bone density in older people.

Vibrating Belt Machine

Researchers are looking into the results of Whole Body Vibrations (WBV). Studies of people who spent time on a vibrating platform suggest that the mild vibrations may activate muscle fibers more efficiently than conscious contraction of muscles during regular exercise.

Don’t cancel your gym membership just yet. The research results are more positive in helping with bone density than with muscular growth. Initial research shows that older people and those that live a stationary lifestyle will likely stand to gain the most from Whole Body Vibrations; those with heart disease or high blood pressure will likely need to wait until more substantial research is available.

2 Responses to Study Casts ‘Good Vibrations’ on New Fitness Method

Mark Salinas says:

Interesting ….maybe similar to a trampoline?

Jason says:

I haven’t heard anything about the benefits of trampolines other than the actual physical/aerobic benefits of jumping.

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