The Biggest Loser Resort in Utah Cites a “Relationship Breakdown” for Changing Name Back to Fitness Ridge


The original Biggest Loser Resort in Ivins, Utah is moving away from the Biggest Loser brand and going back to its roots as Fitness Ridge, as originally founded in 2002. Co-founder Cameron Kelsch said of the change:

“We have always had a great program but we really just want to focus on the qualities that differentiate Fitness Ridge. We want to change the way people feel about health and wellness and we feel we can do that better by moving way from The Biggest Loser brand. As we look forward to [the] change, our staff remains focused on improving the health and well-being of the world, one person at a time.”

We spoke to Phillip Craven, a spokesman for Fitness Ridge, and asked why they felt the rebranding and move away from The Biggest Loser model was needed. Craven said that, although the company did experience additional exposure and growth as a result of the affiliation, they lost control of what made the destination unique to them and what they’d envisioned it to be. He continued by speaking of the relationship breakdown that happened between Fitness Ridge and The Biggest Loser by saying:

“In that way, there was a relationship breakdown. Our focus has been and always will be helping people eat, exercise and think differently. As The Biggest Loser started to stray from our focus, we saw the need to stay true to ourselves, so a rebranding became inevitable.”

As the team moves forward, so too do many new initiatives, including a new lecture series focused on shaping behaviors, excursions out to nearby Zion National Park, more affordable pricing, and a “renewed focus on long-term health and wellness.”

During July and August, they’re offering group specials for one week stays for the following prices:

  • Double Accommodations: $1,595 per person
  • Triple Accommodations: $1,295 per person
  • Quad Accommodations: $995 per person

You can find out more about the new vision of Fitness Ridge, view a photo gallery, and read about their programs on their website, Other ‘The Biggest Loser Resorts’ — located in Malibu, Niagra, and Chicago — are unaffected by this change and will move forward as the Loser brand.

About Fitness Ridge 

Fitness Ridge provides one of the most affordable, calorie-controlled, structured programs in the health and wellness resort industry. Designed to give lasting results, guests will experience a boot-camp style program that features incredible hiking, stimulating cardio and stretch classes, delectable, low-calorie spa cuisine and practical education on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Fitness Ridge began in 2002 as collaboration between Tami Clark and Michelle and Cameron Kelsch, three experienced entrepreneurs dedicated to health and wellness. In 2022, the resort partnered with the Biggest Loser, incorporating the new name and joined together on other Biggest Loser products.

The resort is located on 10 acres, just minutes from Snow Canyon State Park and surrounded by incredible scenery of majestic red bluffs, towering vermillion sandstone, and black lava rock. It is an exceptional weight loss destination and the perfect place to jump start your health or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In 2022, members of Spas of America voted Fitness Ridge the #1 Most Popular Spa, in consideration with over 700 other resort, hotels, and destination spas listed on the national website.

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