The Pros and Cons of a Beach Workout

Swimsuit season is in full effect. Across the country people have been hitting the gym to make sure their body is ready for one-pieces, two-pieces and maybe even no-pieces. If you’re tired of the gym, and have access, consider a workout on the beach. Like any workout, there are advantages and disadvantages. So before you dig your heels in to the sand, be sure you know how to get the best and safest workout at the beach.

I talked to Holly Perkins, a renowned fitness expert and New Balance Fitness Ambassador, about the pros and cons of working out at the beach. She gave me a great list of benefits someone can get while working out at the beach.

Beach Workout Pros

  • The sand acts as a natural resistance and takes the workout to another level.
  • Sunshine exposure is great for boosting serotonin and vitamin D.
  • You can use the ocean for swimming, which is a full body workout.
  • The ocean produces healthful negative ions, the electrically charged ions boost your energy and sense of well being.
  • You can relax at the beach after a workout.
  • It’s a place where you can workout in a bathing suit. You won’t be judged and can catch a tan, too!
  • It’s inexpensive because there isn’t a membership fee to workout at the beach.

Beach Workout Cons

  • You’re being exposed to high concentration sun rays, even with sunscreen.
  • The chances of getting an injury is increased because of the unstable sand.
  • There is a limitation of equipment, so you’ll be missing out on key exercises that can only be accomplished in a gym setting.
  • Distractions at the beach can take your focus to something else other than your workout.
  • Other people are watching you while you are working out.
  • Working out in the sun can increase rate of dehydration and cause dizziness.

If you can hit the beach for a workout take full advantage of the situation because those in a land-locked state definitely envy you! If your workout needs a wake-up, you need a little more sun, or a way to invigorate a vacation workout, the beach is calling.

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