Best Cardio Exercises That Don’t Require a Treadmill

Exercising can be difficult to work into a busy lifestyle, so making the most out of each and every workout session is a must. There are all kinds of styles or types of exercises that can be performed in the gym or at home. From weight training and fitness classes to isometric movements and plyometrics.

Each type of exercise depends upon what your goal is and the results that you desire. If you are trying to lose weight, heavy weight training is obviously not the desired style of exercise. Likewise, if you are trying to gain weight, cardiovascular movements are not the answer.

Cardiovascular movements are defined as any movement or exercise that increases the heart rate at a steady or rapid pace. These movements can include weights, bands, steps, etc. The purpose of cardio exercises is to maintain an increased heart rate for a long period of time, allowing the body to promote blood circulation and burn tons of calories. I recommend performing cardio exercises at least two to three times a week to accompany your basic weight training routine (at least twice a week).

The cardio movements below are designed to elevate your heart rate and make you sweat. I recommend performing each exercise twice through for a minute at a time while taking a 15- to 30-second break between movements. Good luck and remember to listen to your body. Please monitor your heart rate and contact your physician before starting to exercise for the first time.

Top Cardio Exercises:

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