Train Like a World Cup Star at Home with This 5-Move Soccer Workout

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Who isn’t amped from the excitement of watching our favorite teams compete in the World Cup? We can gain a lot from the drills and workouts of the athletes that compete in these invigorating games. From toning to cardiovascular improvement and weight loss, soccer players know how to gain the most out of a workout.

I’ve outlined five soccer workouts you can do at home with you and your children to get you to your own peak performance. Yes, even the busiest moms can train at home like a World Cup star!

Try these moves to get to the top of your game:

soccer toe tap

The Toe Tap

The point of this workout is to gain a cardio workout in a small amount of time. Just alternate placing your left toes on top of the ball, dropping your foot to the ground, then repeating with your right. 60 seconds of a soccer toe tap is enough to get your heart pumping. Try it out!

soccer ball weaving

Ball Weaving

This is another great soccer workout that will get your heart rate up.  It is used to help players trick opponents during the game with the weaving technique. Kick the ball in a criss-cross fashion down the yard or driveway. Try this workout for a minimum of 60 seconds and move into your next soccer workout.

soccer squat torso twist

Squat Torso Twist

We all want tight abs, and this core workout is guaranteed to tighten not only your core but also your quads at the same time. Squat down, hold the ball in front of you, twist to your left then back to the middle, then to your right and repeat. No wonder soccer players have such tight bodies! Three sets of 20 full cycles is recommended.

soccer ball sit up

Sit Up with Ball

Last, but not least, one more core move that includes a sit up with the soccer ball. Extend back while holding your soccer ball high in the air, then come up slowly while contracting your abdominals as tightly as possible. Repeat for a minimum of four sets of 20 for the best abdominal tightening results.

soccer goalie catch

Goalie Catch

Goalies have incredibly varied and unique workouts and warm-ups. Have your child or friend throw the ball to you without stopping until your are out of breath. Make sure you run for the ball when it gets away from you. On its own, this goalie workout is guaranteed to be constantly varied and challenging every time. Do 20-30 minutes, recommended, for this workout to give the full cardio effect.


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By Dr. Kim Chronister, author of “The Psychology Behind Fitness Motivation.” Find her at, @drkimchronister.

Photography Credit: Griss Noriega

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