Triple Berry Sparklers are the Perfect Cool Down This 4th of July

This 4th of July is going to be a hot one with temperatures already in the 100s and rising, at least here in Kansas! So we thought it would be more than appropriate to share a fizzy, tasty and healthy chilled drink to cool you down for your Independence Day celebrations.

It all starts with ice cubes. We found these fun little patriotic molds at a local craft store for a dollar or two. But of course, if you can’t find anything like this, regular ice molds will yield a similar result.

The ice cubes are incredibly healthy as they’re simply pureed berries. We chose a mix of raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. But choose whatever combination you prefer, and add a little sugar for a touch of sweetness if desired.

Once you freeze your ice cubes (preferably overnight), bring on the Perrier! We chose the plain flavor, but opt for their lemon, lime or even pamplemousse rose that’s a grapefruit-infused version.

Triple Berry Sparklers
serves 4

2.5-3 cups mixed berries (we used Driscoll’s strawberries, raspberries and blackberries)
One bottle Perrier Mineral Water, any flavor
Sweetener (such as simple syrup or Truvia) is optional

Method | Blend the fresh berries until well pureed and then pour into ice cube molds. Freeze at least a few hours if not overnight, and then pop out into glasses and top with chilled Perrier. Sweeten if desired – we left ours plain. Then serve immediately.

These were so fun and made us think of all-things Fourth of July and sparklers! The fizziness of the Perrier paired with the sweet berry ice cubes was perfect. These ‘sparklers’ are a little less sweet than some may prefer, so subbing in a lemon-lime soda or adding a little  simple syrup would be a great option for sweetening them up.

And for just 32 calories and 5 grams of sugar per glass, you can have two or three servings without an ounce of guilt!

Put your own twist on this recipe by adding a splash of alcohol for a festive cocktail, or using soda or fruit juice – like apple – for a more kid-friendly version. Anything to ensure you have happy – and refreshing – 4th of July!

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Perrier and Driscoll’s sent Diets in Review sample products, but this post is in no way sponsored by these companies and the recipe and opinions are our own.  

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