Try Daryl Conant’s Ab Inferno for a Scorching Summer Workout

Daryl Conant, exercise physiologist and author of Buff Daddy, has shared his Ab Inferno workout with DietsInReview, and this one makes you really feel the burn. Using only ab mallets and a lumbar pad, Daryl employs simple body contortions to strengthen all the muscles in your core.

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Considering Daryl’s impressive resume, this workout is one you should adopt immediately. A former U.S. Olympic Committee strength coach, Daryl is a bodybuilder with two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s in education with an emphasis on exercise science.

Daryl is a student of exercise and psychology, so we find the Ab Inferno to be therapeutic as well as sweat inducing. We love to share home workouts that can be done away from the hustle and bustle of the gym, and the Ab Inferno is in keeping with that. Be sure to keep up with our weekly summer workout features and for more information about Daryl and his programs, visit his website at

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Jo says:

Hi, I would like to buy the ab mallets, where would I find them?

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