Weight Loss May Be Treatment for Hot Flashes

There’s a new reason why women with menopause should consider losing weight: it may help reduce hot flashes. It has been observed that a higher BMI is associated with more severe hot flash symptoms, but new research, reported on WebMD, suggests that weight loss can actually ameliorate the condition.

Alison J. Huang, MD lead the study at the University of California at San Francisco, which set out to study urinary incontinence. Of the 338 obese and overweight women participating, 154 reported that they suffered from hot flashes. The subjects took part in either an intensive behavioral weight loss program or a health education program.

After six months in the study, 65 of the women who initially reported hot flashes said they were bothered less. Fifty-three reported no change and 23 reported a worsening of hot flash symptoms. However, women in the weight loss program were twice as likely to feel fewer or less severe hot flashes.

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