Weight Loss News in Review – Week of July 11

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Workout with Hugh Jackman for $30,000
Jackman is auctioning off two workouts, valued at $30,000, to support the Summit School for students with learning and adjustment challenges.

United Nations Supports Organic Farming to Fight World Hunger
In an international meeting on agroecology in Brussels, Olivier De Schutter, UN’s Special Rappteur on the Right to Food, stated that organic and sustainable farming can end world hunger and global climate change.

Subway Japan Grows Lettuce in Store
Subway Japan has opened a new store called the “Subway Yasai Lab Maru Building Store” in central Tokyo. Translation? The unique store has a “Vegetable Lab” that grows fresh lettuce.

Ashton and Demi do the Master Cleanse for their Health
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have started the Master Cleanse. Ashton tweeted the intentions of he and his wife letting the masses know about their new regimen.

Kraft’s Big Fork Little Fork iPad App in Action [VIDEO]
Kraft has developed this kid-friendly iPad app called “Big Fork Little Fork” to help parents and children eat a healthy diet.

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