Weight Loss News in Review – Week of July 18

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Diet Disaster: Carl’s Jr. Foot-long Cheeseburger

Here’s a new item for This Is Why You’re Fat: Carl’s Jr. “footlong cheeseburger.” The colossal burger is available on a trial basis at 50 Southern California locations.

Money Hungry on VH1 Brings Bet Dieting to TV Weight Loss

Weight loss as entertainment, it’s a hot trend in Hollywood right now. So what happens when you’ve got bet dieting and weight loss entertainment as popular trends in the day of an obesity epidemic? You get VH1’s Money Hungry, a new weight loss competition premiering August 2, 2022.

Six Things to Know Before You Take a Sip

Find out what the beverage industry has been hiding in our sodas, milkshakes, lattes and more so you can avoid consuming unnecessary calories, sugars, fats and hormones.

Vitaminwater Violates FDA Rules

While Vitaminwater defends that the witty phrases on their bottles are just “puffery,” a federal judge rules that the phrases misguide consumers.

Bret Michaels Makes Diet Snapple Drink

Brett Michaels, lead singer of Poison, has made a Diet Snapple product through his role on Celebrity Apprentice, and it’s getting a warm reception.

FDA Rejects Diet Pill Qnexa

Qnexa, what would have been the first new weight loss drug in a decade, was rejected in a narrow vote by the Food and Drug Administration.

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