Who’s More Physically Fit To Be President?

Is Obama pandering to the fitness vote? Is there even a fitness lobby to pander to?

All kidding aside, Presidential health is one of the underdog issues in the campaign. A few days ago The New York Times did a piece on how Barack Obama was “caught” going to the gym three times in one day.McCain vs. Obama

An Associated Press report jokingly compared Obama’s fitness regimen to that of Mr. Universe. His campaign gives what seems to be a good enough explanation, if there even has to be one:

Mr. Obama went to his regular gym appointment in the morning, but was interrupted by a telephone call, so he went back later to finish the workout. He met with his trainer at the East Bank Club to check on a sore hip.

But the real fun begins when you see the partisan bickering in the comments section. In the age of 24 hour news, every minutia is analyzed and analyzed again. In this case, die-hard opponents can even find fault in Obama’s fitness habits.

John McCain’s age and health have been a concern to some. By and large, it does seem that his overall health was vetted a few months back when the candidates had to open their medical records. And if he does little to no real exercise, it would be understandable considering he is a 71-year-old man whose leg was shattered when his plane was shot down in Vietnam, and then he was subsequently imprisoned and tortured for five years.

Does fitness play a part in who is fit to be Commander-in-Chief? We’ll see in November.

What are your thoughts?

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8 Responses to Who’s More Physically Fit To Be President?

Justin says:

There is no question that Barack Obama is more physically fit than Mc Cain.
McCain is over the hill and should not be running for president. I heard that he is a fast food junkie.

Jason says:

Interesting if that’s true… I’ve never heard anything about McCain’s dietary vices.

barb says:

I just know I’m impressed with McCain’s Mom going out on the campaign trail and being so fit at her age. Genetics has a lot to do with physical fitness and good health.

Jason says:

She does seem to be pretty feisty.

My greatest concern about McCain’s physical fitness is: What are the odds he will survive four years of the Presidency, if elected.

Who’s more likely to die within the next four years: An average 71-year-old or a 47-year-old? You don’t need a medical degree to know the answer.

For McCain supporter’s, his choice for Vice President is important. The VP is “one heart beat away from the Presidency.”


Nelie says:

I wish most Americans are enough knowledgable to realize that McCain needs retirement.

sarab says:

McCain definitely deserves respect but he is too old and should realize he is not up for the job.

mexi says:

i think obama should win because is going to help everyone and mccain he only thinks fo himself and his people is a joke ha ha ha

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