Wisdom to Wellness Explores the Emotional and Physical Health Connection

Maureen Minnehan Jones is the author of the new book Wisdom to Wellnes: HealingYour Emotional Sufferings so the Physical Healing Can Follow. Ms. Jones has worked in the healthcare field for over 38 years. Her career path began by working as a registered nurse but eventually evolved into the practice of more alternative and holistic healing methods.

Maureen contends that the occurrence of disease often has an emotional underpinning. She has developed a technique she calls the “Modus Operandi (MO) Technique.” This technique consists of 12 steps that serve to heal the emotional suffering which she believes to be instrumental in the healing of physical disease.

Ms. Jones firmly believes that disease is triggered by the body and everyone possesses what she refers to as “The Common Thread of Disease.”  This common thread consists of four separate emotional sufferings which are: resentment, anger, powerlessness, and a lack of love. It is the existence of all of these that together create a virtual “perfect storm” in which disease can be sparked by a particularly emotional event according to Ms. Jones.

The “MO technique” works by identifying those negative emotions resulting from past suffering and then reprogramming our subconscious and conscious minds to their previous states prior to the emotional suffering.  This reprogramming can be done through the utilization of imagery to release specific emotions. Once these negative emotions have been released, they are replaced by loving energy. The “MO Technique” also incorporates the cleansing and reprogramming of one’s Chakras. Chakras are wheels of energy that are associated with specific body parts and help them to function efficiently.  They absorb energy from the environment and radiate energy back into the environment. Our thoughts and feelings can affect our Chakras both negatively and positively.

A large portion of this book is devoted to various diseases and identifying the specific “soul discovery” that each one is beseeching those afflicted with it to learn. For example, the predominant trigger for the common cold according to Ms. Jones is suppressed grief, and the soul discovery is to experience the grief following a loss and release it.

Although this book was informative and provocative, it is definitely not for everyone. Though few in our contemporary American society can deny the existence of a mind/body connection; the contention that predominantly all disease stems from emotional suffering may be a bit “new age” for some readers. Ms. Jones is correct that stressors make us more susceptible to disease; however, many medical professionals would argue that there are environmental factors as well. Wisdom to Wellness does provide some fascinating case studies that Ms. Jones asserts have been “cured” via the MO Technique.  These serve to challenge the reader to contemplate the possibility of a movement toward a more holistic approach in the treatment of disease in the future.

Have YOU read Wisdom to Wellness? What were YOUR thoughts?

Thank you to Kimberly Metro for her assistance with this review.

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