World’s First Pizza Museum to Serve Food with a Conscience

Pizza is everywhere in our culture, whether we realize it or not. It’s the one food that most people can agree that they like, and a favorite of millions.

It can be found at chic restaurants as well as gas stations, and is eaten hot, cold, and even for breakfast. So isn’t it hard to believe there is no museum dedicated to the preservation of all things pizza? Well, not until now. One man, Brian Dwyer, is about to change that with the opening of a Philadelphia pizza museum and restaurant, Pizza Brain, in August.

What interests us as much as a whole building dedicated to pizza memorabilia, however, is how Dwyer and his friends plan to operate their restaurant. Besides wanting to be thought of as a family restaurant where everyone is welcome to affordable, familiar pizza, Pizza Brain is also committed to working in a “socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible fashion,” according to their website.

They want to use locally sourced food as much as possible and practice sustainable techniques to create artisan pizzas that adhere to their motto: “To celebrate pizza.”

Anything from classic flavor combinations to creative inventions will be on the menu. There might even be a pizza inspired by a breakfast dish, or maybe one that looks like dessert piled on top.

The business also wants to focus on community, as the creators of Pizza Brain insist that at its heart, pizza is about bringing people together. They want to be “a pizza shop with a conscience,” as they said in one of their promotional videos.

Besides great food, the founders are working hard on creating great rooms for the collection and restaurant. The carpenter on the project, Ryan Anderson, wants to make sure the space looks unique. It will not look like a white and sterile museum, nor a Hard Rock Cafe. He has ideas for pieces so that visitors will be ‘wowed’ every time they visit with new artifacts they’ve never discovered before.

At its core, the founders of Pizza Brain want to remember that what’s more important than their world’s largest collection of pizza memorabilia (as verified by the Guiness Book of World Records), is the people inside. And that’s something to celebrate, with a pizza party.

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source: NPR

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