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We all know the health benefits of yoga deliver a mighty punch in the form of increased vital energy, flexibility, and physical strength. Time on the yoga mat, whether it’s the maiden voyage or a decade or more of down dogging, offers mind altering and heart opening experiences for all who surrender to the power of the practice.

These experiences can be extremely transformative. And for some, they bring us from a place of darkness into a place of light, love, and genuine inner peace.

Stories of transformation through yoga are some of the most inspiring to read. From the depths of despair to the heights of bliss, yoga has a way of enhancing the lives of people all around the world.

How exactly does it happen?

Beyond esoteric theory, no one knows for sure why yoga has such restorative results. But we can speculate that the moment we begin to trust our higher purpose, the hard shell that protects our broken and vulnerable ego cracks and begins to let in the light of possibility that feeds our soul.

Inspired by a deeply profound transformation, writer and blogger, Jeannie Page felt compelled to share her story. From the trenches of severe depression and heartache, Jeannie rose and triumphed to the heights of joy, faith in self, and physical health and vibrancy.

How did she do it?

On a particularly difficult day despite the debilitating gravitational pull of gloom, Jeannie decided to drag herself to a yoga class. After struggling through the first class, she was determined to keep going back.

During each class, Jeannie said that the flashes of time where there is nothing to think about other than the sensations brought on by each pose, were what began to soften the mental grip that had led to emotional agony. The more she practiced, the more she was able to let go. And then one day, something inside of her just ‘clicked.’ Call it divine intervention, a stroke of magic, or one of the many mysterious benefits of yoga, but it was the instant Jeannie began to experience vivid dreams, visions that became realities, and an all-pervasive feeling of knowing her life had changed for the better.

During her four year journey with yoga, Jeannie met many other people who shared similar experiences of colossal life transformations as a result of the practice. Inspired by every life-changing story she heard, Jeannie decided to create The Yoga Diaries – a platform where people can share, read, and connect with others who have had their own awakenings through the practice of yoga.

Sharing inspiration offers endless healing. Would you like your story to inspire thousands of people with your own personal journey? Then visit and share your experience. Jeannie is hoping to someday compile a book of the most compelling stories she gathers, and would love for everyone who has been touched by yoga to be a part of this restorative project.

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