Yoga for the Relief of Minor Aches and Pains

It is easy to want to avoid doing any type of exercise if your body is aching and in pain, but sometimes a little bit of movement is just what you need to loosen up and get back on your feet.tadasana mountain pose

If you suffer from mild aches and pains due to overworked muscles, a long day of sitting the car, or a poor night’s sleep in an uncomfortable bed, the following yoga poses might give you a little bit of relief. Always be sure and check with your doctor if you are in chronic pain, as you may have a more serious condition that could require medical attention.

Knees to Chest

To smooth out a tight low back and give yourself a little TLC, lie on your back with both knees pulled into your chest. Begin to slowly rock side-to-side and allow for your low back to gently roll across the floor. This should feel as if you are getting a nice tension-relieving massage, and will iron out any knots or kinks you might have in your back. Stay in this pose as long as it takes to feel your muscles beginning to relax.

Cat and Cow

Sometimes we feel pain because our spine has not been able to move freely for long stretches of time. When this happens, the flow of energy through our spinal nerves is compromised, and that leads to stiffness and general discomfort.

To awaken your spinal nerves, and refresh your muscles, come onto your hands and knees and begin to flex (round) and extend (arch) your back. Move as much or as little as necessary to get loosened up and feel revitalized. Notice stiffness diminish and let fluidity and ease of motion return to your body.

Tall Mountain Pose

A slumping posture not only puts an aching crick in your neck, it can drain you of precious energy. Good thing standing in mountain pose can help reduce the painful, energy-stealing effects of improper posture.

Stand with your feet hip width apart. Raise both arms overhead and stretch as tall as you can. Take several deep breaths in this pose, as it will help decompress your spine and bring vital energy to every cell in your body.

Always remember that a little bit of movement can go a long way, especially if you are experiencing mild aches and pains. Check with your doctor if your symptoms get worse, and take it easy on yourself when you are not feeling your best.

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