100 Montaditos Aims to Dominate the Fresh Food Fast Market

Another chain restaurant hopes to be coming to your nearest intersection very soon. 100 Montaditos, a Spanish sandwich chain, has the ambitious goal of opening 4,000 restaurants in the next five years.

100 Montaditos currently has one Miami location and a plan to add eight additional Florida locations by March 2022. With a plan for 4,000 locations in five years, the expansion pace will have to increase. If they meet their goal, the chain will be very common. As a reference, they will have a few less locations than Sonic Drive-In and just slightly more than Dairy Queen.

100 Montaditos specializes in signature sandwiches, or montaditos. Montaditos are five-inch long sandwiches that sell for the low price of $1-$2.50. The low price reflects that it’s expected for consumers to order more than one. The menu boasts about its authentic Spanish flavor and quality ingredients, including the bread, that is claimed to be made from an “exclusive formula from Spain.” The restaurant also states that all food is made fresh and right in front of the consumer in a style they call “speed scratch cuisine.”

The sandwiches are served on their baked baguettes that also aid in their marketing. The chain uses dressed up baguettes in their advertisements. The sandwiches are dressed up to look like recognizable characters such as Darth Vader and Professor Dumbledore.

As this ambitious endeavor unfolds, time will only tell if 100 Montaditos will be the booming success it’s aiming to be. The menu and food quality will surely play a role. As they make claims of freshness and high quality, it will be interesting to see if that is accurate. It will also be interesting to see what type of fast-food chain the American public will support. Is 100 Montaditos the right amount of health, value, and convenience for our drive-thru nation?

Via: Eater.com and 100Mantaditos.com

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