3 Must-Try Frozen Banana Ice Cream Flavors

If you haven’t jumped on the banana ice cream train yet, it’s time! After trying it for ourselves the first time this summer, we’ve been spinning our wheels to come up with new flavor ideas so we can keep enjoying this healthy, easy-to-make treat.

Banana ice cream is so simple to make. It’s essentially pre-peeled, sliced or loosely chopped frozen bananas whirled into a magical soft serve dessert in a blender or food processor. You can eat it as is and it’s quite delicious, if you enjoy the flavor of bananas. Or you can add in fun toppings like we did this time.

Our first flavor was a healthy candy bar variation. Unreal is a candy company in Boston that’s making over the unnatural, high fructose corn syrup-ridden, overly-processed candy bars we’ve come to know and regretfully love into healthier, natural versions.

Their “Snickers” makeover is no exception to the unjunked rule. It has just 200 calories and 17 g of sugar, and contains absolutely no GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, artificial additives or partially hydrogenated oil.

Our idea? Chop it up and throw it on top of banana ice cream! It’s like a homemade blizzard without the guilt; yum.

Up next was peanut butter basil. Sound crazy? Trust us. After sampling a peanut butter banana milkshake for ourselves, we were convinced of this unforgettable flavor combination. Simply tear up a few basil leaves and throw in a spoonful of peanut butter and your banana ice cream will take on a sophisticated new spin.

Last but not last is mocha java! We’re true coffee addicts so we added finely ground espresso powder right into the mix. But for those less-adventurous caffeine lovers, we recommend adding several tablespoons of chilled strong coffee or a healthy pinch of instant coffee granules. Drizzle on a little chocolate syrup and the result is a banana infused mocha java shake!

There you have it – three new ways to spice up your usual banana ice cream routine. Try out these flavors or make up your own! Just be sure to share – we’re always in search of new healthy dessert recipes that feature fresh, quality ingredients.

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photos by Dana Shultz


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