4 Crazy New Ways to Get the Coziest of Couch Potatoes Up on Their Feet!

aerial yoga

Hi, my name is Dempsey and I love to workout! I live for the endorphin high that I get after a three-hour bike ride, a sweaty hot yoga class, or a long run on the beach. And I have tried it all in search of that high—running, lifting, yoga, cycling, swimming, and almost every type of bizarre workout trend you can imagine.

Now, I realize that not everyone shares this insane passion for exercise. This is why I’ve come up with four workout ideas even couch potatoes can get on board with! If going for a run or hitting the gym just doesn’t appeal to you, try out these unique and fun exercise options to help you stay in shape!

Anti-Gravity Yoga

Anti-gravity yoga (also known as aerial yoga) takes a unique twist on an age-old, timeless practice. The classes are a mix of yoga, Pilates, and aerial acrobatics that incorporate silk hammocks which serve as a type of trapeze. Not only will Anti-Gravity Yoga tone your entire body, but it also aids in decompressing your spine. The hammock will allow you to get into yoga poses you never thought were possible!

Trampoline Gyms

If you’re looking to embrace your inner-child, trampoline gyms are for you! Imagine wall-to-wall trampolines and endless amounts of fun. Plus, trampoline gyms can also provide killer workouts! You will burn mega calories while toning your legs and building overall athleticism and functional strength! And who doesn’t love trampolines?!


Do you want to burn calories, build strength, torch fat, and reduce stress? Then boxing is the workout for you. Boxing gyms are popping up all over with classes that help you build technique and see results fast! Boxing will help improve your balance, strength, agility, and cardio. Plus, it’s a safe and healthy way to get some aggression out!

Indoor Rock Climbing

This is a great, non-traditional way to stay in shape! Indoor rock climbing gyms are becoming more and more popular. It is safe, fun and can be an awesome bonding experience with friends or family. Indoor rock climbing will tone your entire body (especially your arms) and build core strength! It also will help improve your cardiovascular fitness!

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