5 Tips to Eat Healthy at 100 Montaditos

Have you heard? There’s a new fast-food chain in town: 100 Montaditos. OK, so as of now there’s only one location in the United States (Miami), but the Spanish sandwich chain has the ambitious goal of opening 4,000 restaurants in the next five years. This means that there will be almost as many 100 Montaditos out there as there are Sonic Drive-Ins.

To make sure you’re armed with nutrition knowledge and prepared to eat healthy when you try this new chain, we’ve rounded up the top five tips to eat healthy at 100 Montaditos. Unfortunately, 100 Montaditos doesn’t have its nutritional facts posted online and a quick call in to its Miami location confirmed that nutritional facts are not yet available. In the meantime, here are some guidelines to follow!

Tips to Have a Healthy Meal at 100 Montaditos

1. Don’t drink your calories. This advice goes for any meal, but it’s especially important at 100 Montaditos where there’s a variety of juices, sodas, beers and wines to choose from. Because this is a fast-food restaurant, you’ll be getting plenty of calories and sodium from the food, so stick to plain water.

2. Customize your Montadito. With 100 Montaditos to choose from, it’s hard to imagine needing to customize your Spanish sandwich, but don’t let that hold you back from making your meal healthier. Request extra veggies on your Montadito or swap a fattier meat like chorizo for un-fried shrimp to save calories.

3. Avoid the sauces and cheeses. Beware of any Montadito that lists cheese or a sauce of some kind. These are key words for fatty and high calorie!

4. Order it on whole-wheat bread. Some Montaditos do come on whole-wheat, which is a more nutritious option than the typical white Montadito bread. Go for the hummus-filled Montaditos for a vegetarian-friendly meal.

5. Split an order. With so many choices, it can be hard to select a healthy meal. So instead of trying just one item at 100 Montaditos, grab a bud or two and order a different healthy sandwich or salad for each of you. Then share it family style.

And the best tip of all for eating healthy at 100 Montaditos? Listen to your hunger, and stop eating as soon as you start to get full!

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