$6 Million in Refunds for Lipodrene and Thermalean Customers Start Paying Out Today

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is refunding consumers who purchased popular weight loss pills under guise of false claims. The courts ruled that consumers were deceived by the supplement marketer and that the company must pay. Today, the checks start rolling out.

The weight loss supplements attached to these false claims are Thermalean and Lipodrene. These supplements were marketed by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and were advertised to be clinically proven to cause substantial weight loss. The weight loss claims also included a 19 percent loss in total body fat.

Rebecca Tushnet covered the specifics of the trial when it was in progress on her False Advertising and More blog. During the trial, it was discovered that the products had not been tested, just the individual ingredients. Some of the specific claims about the supplements stated that one could lose 30 pounds in two months, up to 125 pounds. These statements were found false due to the fact that the only evidence was that the active ingredient could lead to a two-pound weight loss per month.

Due to these false claims, the FTC will be mailing checks for $40.45 to all consumers who were deceived. An erectile dysfunction treatment is also wrapped up in this false claim ruling. The ED drug was marketed by National Urological Group. So, combined with the ED drug consumers, the FTC will be refunding more than $6 million to duped consumers.

The checks will be mailed by an administrator working for the FTC. If any consumers have questions regarding the refunds they are advised to call the toll free number 1-877-483-2883 or visit the FTC’s refund website. If you’ve been a consumer of these supplements, time is limited as the checks will only be valid for 60 days and must be cashed by October 23, 2024.

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