A Summer Food Bucket List: 5 Recipes from Calorie Count

By Mary Hartley, RD, MPH for Calorie Count.

There’s no denying that this summer was a scorcher. Certainly one for the record books. Come winter, we’ll be wishing for a heat wave – and summer food – again. Just so there are no regrets later on, it’s time to attend to your summer food bucket list. Beat the heat one last time with these highly nutritious, oh so good, summer favorites. This list of foods to eat before summer dies includes recipes that are analyzed and maintained in Calorie Count’s extensive recipe browser.

Caprice Salad

The queen of tomato salads from the magical Isle of Capri. There is nothing to cook, but it does require perfectly ripe, heavy, aromatic, lycopene-filled tomatoes and cool, fresh, calcium-loaded buffalo mozzarella.

Grilled Zucchini

Quick, tasty, and only 30 calories for one whole nutrient-rich, high-fiber zucchini. And those hatch marks from the grill are so pretty. You could eat them every day.

Greek Tzatziki

Pretend you’re in Greece: it’s warm and sunny and you’re eating outdoors under a grapevine canopy. You dip your grilled meat, fish, vegetables and your warm pita bread into a cool and creamy cucumber yogurt dip. Who knew cucumbers could be so heavenly? This recipe is ultra low in calories when you use fat-free Greek yogurt.

Fresh Corn Sautee

We know that corn is full of fiber and chewing satisfaction, but did you know corn is also full of antioxidants, B-vitamins, phosphorus, and protein? August and September are prime time for corn, and fresh-picked corn – cut off the cob – is the basis for many exciting side dishes.


The refreshing tastes of mint and lime just scream summer. And, of course, limes are full of vitamin C and mint oil has healing effects on the respiratory system. The Mojito, born in tropical Cuba, was Ernest Hemingway’s favorite drink. More nutritious than most cocktails, it’s high time for a Mojito.

What recipes are on your Summer Food Bucket List?

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