Add Simple Yoga to Your Back to School Routine for Happier, Focused Kids

kid yoga

Don’t you know the feeling you have when you get to do a little yoga or meditation before you start the work day? Why not carry that same euphoric feeling over to the kids? Shouldn’t they be able to enjoy starting the day with a nice, calm, relaxed energy?

Introduce some quick yoga, or mild stretching, as part of your kids’ morning routine! There are yoga options for kids of all ages to try before they head to school each morning, and the results will be positive from their mood to their energy, and even focus and grades!

Elementary age kids are the most energetic, if you can get them up and out of bed that is! Wake them up to a few rounds of cat/cow, then have them hold downward dog for a few seconds. Repeat this cycle 2-3 times. This is sure to wake them up! Have them make the corresponding animal sounds for each move. It helps with breath control, engages the mind, and it’s just plain fun!

Middle school children would benefit from something a little more restorative. Think, legs up the wall. An equally awesome option is butterfly pose. Both poses will allow your pre-teen to still be very relaxed while waking up while setting an intention for the day and clearing the mind of clouded thoughts for a more focused school day.

High school students exist in a complicated and often emotional roller coaster. As they aren’t known for being morning people, ease them in with a few rounds of Sun Salutations. This should do the trick and get their bodies moving, get them breathing peacefully, and help them become mentally aware at the start of the day. It’s a great idea for them to take a moment either before starting or at the end to set an intention, a small goal for the day. No matter your age, everyone can benefit from a few moments of stillness.

Hopefully you and your children find this new routine to be helpful. You should absolutely join them, and make the moves happen wherever you’ve got space and a spare 5-10 minutes. The bedroom, the living room, or even in the dining room are all acceptable backdrops for yoga.

Of course these are just suggestions, something to help get you started. There are plenty of accessible poses and breathing techniques in the yoga world. Remember, the most important thing is to do what’s best for you (and your kids!).

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