Ali Vincent On Paying It Forward and a Road Trip Preview

Paying It Forward

Live Big With Ali Vincent 1When I was on the Biggest Loser I spent hours on different machines and the only thing that got me through it was planning on how I was going to live my life differently and with purpose. It was inspiring to have the blood flow through my limbs and I wanted to make sure that I was going to be a part of something bigger than myself.

As amazing as the Biggest Loser was it was very “me” focused and that can become a negative unless you have a cause. Every day was spent focusing on what I ate, how I moved and trying to navigate how I felt, I just couldn’t do it unless I let myself dream about how me taking this time to find my way back to my true self would mean something to more than just me. I needed to know that my life meant something and that’s what allowed me to completely dedicate myself to changing what needed to be changed and rebuilding what worked.

I knew that once I hit the real world meaning going back to my life, that I wanted to do whatever I could to help share what I was experiencing. You see there is only one secret on the Biggest Loser campus and I wanted to do everything I could to spread that. The secret is that there is no secret and the magic is looking at you in the mirror. What I did realize is that I couldn’t do it alone and I couldn’t do it with out cause. Spreading the secret became my cause.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet thousands of people just like me who are doing their best to make the healthiest choices possible. By doing as much, they have made an impact on their families and communities, and have shared countless stories with me. It’s amazing how the ripple effect works and how doing something positive does get noticed. This week on Live Big With Ali Vincent I’m taking you on a trip with me to Bluefield, WV where I will be speaking at a Healthy Woman event. Finding out what kind of programs are available to support us in our communities is priceless. Healthy Woman is a free program that you can find in many different states.

But first, my mom and I get some inspiration of our own. Tune in and check it out!

Until next week,

Ali xo


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