Best Places to Run in Denver

denver cherry creek trailDenver, Colorado is among my top five favorite cities. It has something to offer everyone no matter what you enjoy. The Rockies are simply amazing and several ski resorts are just a short drive away. Denver is also a runner’s paradise. It offers hills and beautiful scenery along with fairly nice weather. Below are the best and safest places to run in Denver.

Best Places to Run in Denver

  1. Cherry Creek Bike Trail: Starts at Confluence Park and extends approximately 10 to 15 miles to the reservoir. Great scenery, but packed on the weekends.
  2. Washington Park Loop: The loop is about five miles and consists of a mostly flat terrain with a dirt or crushed gravel path. Again, packed on the weekend so it is great for people watching. The park is located near S. Downing St. or E. Virginia Ave. Either street will get you where you need to go.
  3. City Park Loop: Located near 17th Ave. and Colorado Blvd., this loop extends nearly four miles. It offers great scenery, pleasant atmosphere, and is a mile above sea level. Barely ever crowded for those who do not enjoy big crowds. Be safe and enjoy!!

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