Biggest Loser 6: Brady Vilcan

Brady Vilcan represents the brown team on Biggest Loser: Families, with his wife Vicky Vilcan.

Eliminated Week 8.

brady vilcan

Age 36

Hometown Houma, LA

Occupation Pharmacist

Biggest Loser: Families teammate Vicky Vilcan, Wife

Team Color Brown

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 341

Final Weight 224

Total Loss -117

Percent Lost 34.31


  • “Bob took us into the gym today and pulled a can opener out of his back pocket and opened up a major can of whoop ass!” – Week 2


  • Has four-year old daughter who outweighs seven-year old son. Wants to change his kids’ lives.
  • Walked 20 miles during the 14-hour week 5 hill climb challenge.
  • Set a Biggest Loser record week 7- his weight loss of 13 pounds beat the entire 10 pound weight loss of the black team.

Other spellings: Bradey, Brad, Bradley, Brade, Vilkan, Vilckan, Vilcen, Velcan

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18 Responses to Biggest Loser 6: Brady Vilcan

francine hood says:

hey, brady. we are looking forward to seeing y’all on the show after gustav put a damper on things around here.

Julie Hamner Johnston says:

Good luck, Brady!

Amy says:

Hey – Brady, you are awesome and I can’t wait to see what you look like when the contest is over. You are very good looking for a local
cajun from Houma. Looking forward to meeting you eventually and watching you and Vicky take the whole thing I met Vicky yesterday and she is AWESOME!!! Nothing like those IGNORANT people who send emails to Vicky. They are just DUMB AND IGNORANT!!!!! They judge before they know what the is happening. TAKE CHARGE !!!!

Andrew says:

Brady obviously sabotaged the blue team last week to get rid of Amy P. last week so that they could win this week and screw over the black team.

To the Amy who posted above me:
I’m guessing from the line of your post that cajuns from Houma aren’t that good looking.
I also forgot when CAPITALIZING random WORDS in your POSTS made you look smart because it really makes you look like the dumb and ignorant one.

susan says:

Sorry Amy but good looking on the outside (if that’s what you call good looking, but to each her own) doesn’t mean the same on the inside. I thing Brady and Vicky’s actions make them very ugly – outside and in. I am local girl and can most certainly find much more attractive to men to represent our area who would do it with respect and compassion. But then again, he’s not from the area originally remember?

susan says:

I have to say seeing Brady go home was great but it would have been better to see Vicky go. But when they showed Brady with his kids, I realized he is so much better without Vicky. He’s not smirking, he’s not being petty and most of all, he seemed more respectful and appreciative. Maybe the time apart will be good for him.

Disappointed says:

I hope Brady and Vicky are watching themselves on TV and realize how foolish they looked. Vicky so money hungry, that is all she cared about. Seeing her kids was a prize not worth winning…SHAME ON YOU!!!!

3boysmom says:

We’ve been using this show to teach our boys (12, 9 and 6) about how to take the high road, treat others as you want to be treated, etc. but mostly about how people who act like this have serious insecurity issues. They’re called BULLIES (sorry Andrew, I agree with you but I had to make my point!) The tension on this show is unbearable. Vicky and Brady are hideous parental role models with some serious anger management issues, not to mention vulgar mouths and all around hateful attitudes. Nice lessons for your kids to watch. “Hey guys! Come on over my house and watch my mom and dad on tv!” Frightening.

Totally Disappointed says:

MAN UP!!!! You Let your wife Push you around!!!

RSZOS says:

Vicky REPULSES me! She is incredibly rude! She just had to go open her ugly face at the weigh in and be incredibly RUDE! She showed NO compassion for Phil in his weight loss.. instead she rolled her eyes!
Grow up! This is my opportunity to be rude, it’s people like Brady, Vicky and Heba that just throughly disgust me!
Brady I really think you can do so much better! Not a good inspiration for your children.
I am so disappointed in the show!

sunshine says:

I no longer live in Houma but it is home tome. It was just today that I realized that Brady and Vicky are from Houma. I am so ashamed for them if they’re not. Not everyone in Houma are as vicious and cruel as Vicky and Brady. They are horrible!!! Susan I am totally with you. It was nice to see that their plan backfired on Brady but it will be especially nice to see it blow up in Vicky’s face. I watch the show for motivation but Vicky, Brady, and Heba disgust me.

Vanessa says:

Brady was just voted off and in his parting speech he was talking about how important it is to lose weight because your kids learn from watching you. Hmm… I wonder what else their kids are going to learn from watching them… maybe how to be very unkind to other people?

carolinagirl says:

After watching this show for 3 seasons, it repulses me to see people like Vicky, her horrible husband and their partner in destruction Heba, attempt to ruin the experience for everyone else. Not only ruining it for us at home watching this trainwreck, but the contestants who are there for the right reasons. They are obese and miserable because of decisions they made. Vicky said she was always the fat kid growing up. Well, i’m sure that led to her miserable, hateful, jealous attitude. I am so disappointed in NBC for not kicking them off the show for sheer principle. The hateful things she says has me speechless – just in complete awe someone is that hateful and doesn’t even try to hide it!! Her family no doubt HAS to be embarrassed – she’s a disgusting example of a woman, mother, teammate and daughter. The only comfort i have about this show is that she will get what she deserves and that is nothing.

kiki says:

I hope Brady gets a chance to see his bulliness now that he off and how masterminding his wife is. She is a very mean spirited person and since day 1 you could tell what she was.

I guess I won’t be disappointed if we all do find out that this was acting and stretching out the viewer…unfortunately there are some very mean people out there.

Go Amy – your mother brought you up right! Let’s face it – they were using Amy and it was just a matter of time – she did not have nearly as much to lose as the other three. She knew what she was dealing with – and i’m sure it wasn’t easy. Nobody liked the way they treated Phil or his wife – that was just terribly mean.

jtizzle says:

Hey Brady, how does it feel? Now your obese wife has no one to cling to but Heba, which will do neither of them any good because they will be too busy coniving against all the other contestants to work out. The three of you have ruined 6 seasons of the most positive show ever for what? Some money? You are the worst that people can be and I hope I see you someday so I can see that you have done nothing since you were kicked off and remind you of what you will never be. Good day to you

kasi64 says:

wow.. do you see now that you get to watch the show.. certainly you MUST see a problem here.. is this what you want your kids to see and are these values you want them to have? it one thing to want them to be healthy but how about respectful and have integrity? I pray that this is some tricky editing and not the real you.. I cant even believe that people can be this mean-spirited and smile about it..

ItsTVyouGUYS says:

If you guys only knew the real Vicky, you would understand. Vicky is such a sweet and down to earth person. This is television you guys. They are only showing you a small portion of what actually happened, and used it to portray each player in the way they wanted to. Thing about it, they pick and choose less than an hour a week to portray that week. ANyone in the world could be portrayed as unfavorable if that was the goal. I agree that I’d hate Vicky if I didn’t know her based on the television, however, it’s television. how boring would it be if the contestants weren’t competitive or tv didn’t portray the competitiveness.

TC says:

For: ItsTVyouGUYS … true, we don’t know Vicky and yes, we all know we are watching edited TV. However, she has made some horrible statements and her actions, facial expressions and body language, at least for me, does not put her in a good light. She might be a good person but she is not coming through that way, editing or not. Sorry.

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