Biggest Loser 6: Tom Desrochers Sr.

Tom Desrochers Sr. is the father-half of the grey team, with son Tom Desrochers Jr., in Biggest Loser: Families.

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tom desrochers sr.

Age 42

Hometown Everett, MA

Occupation Cab Driver

Biggest Loser: Families teammate Tom Desrochers Jr., Son

Team Color Grey

Trainer Jillian Michaels

Starting Weight 314

Final Weight 236

Total Loss -78

Percent Lost 24.84


  • “I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never been to a gym before.” – Week 1


  • Grey team starts as the heaviest team in the house
  • After leaving Biggest Loser, he is no longer taking any of the 9 pills he started with. He has gotten rid of his high blood pressure and diabetes.

Other spellings: tom, thomas, thom, tommy, tim, tomm, derochers, desrocher, deroche, des rochers

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One Response to Biggest Loser 6: Tom Desrochers Sr.

Josh Fierro says:

These two dudes need to understand that Jillian Michaels chose them for her team, and did all she could do to keep them there. The fact that Tom Sr. is trashing her is absolutely sickening — misogyny at its worst. Why not save your vitriol for Ed Brantley and his disgusting wife Heba Salama, who were SAVED by Little Tom, then turned around and voted against them the very next week! I like LT, but Tom Desrochers Senior is a misogynist pig.

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