Bulletproof Coffee May be the Hottest Cup of Joe Around

bulletproof coffee

Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof Coffee, spent over 15 years and thousands of dollars perfectly brewing his hot idea. And though it we call it “coffee,” it is so much more than that.

Bulletproof Coffee has all of the perks of coffee–the energy, the robust taste, the delicious aroma–but it has features that no other coffee bean boasts.

The beans used in Bulletproof Coffee are processed mechanically rather than under the sun, as you would expect of most other coffee beans. By mechanically processing the beans, Bulletproof Coffee has fewer bacteria and less mold, which happens to be in most other coffee beans you already consume. Though any traces of mold or bacteria in other coffee roasts will not hurt you (a little mold never hurt anybody!), there is definitely a crisper taste to the beans in Bulletproof Coffee. And while some people likely prefer the coffee down and dirty–that old fashioned percolater taste–if you are not a fan of deep, dark coffee flavor, Bulletproof definitely does not have that classic coffee taste.

Bulletproof Coffee is created with a combination of grass-fed butter, the toxin free beans, and Brain Octane Oil, which is an oil that helps promote clear thinking in your brain, an oil that is more powerful than coconut oil. When I first tasted the coffee, I had no idea what Brain Octane Oil was, even though I had the bottle in my hand. The Brain Octane Oil, branded by Bulletproof, is a medium-chain triglyceride, or MCT. It’s basically oil containing fatty acids that are supposed to help you process in excessive calorie burning, leading to–ideally–weight loss. MCTs, and thus Brain Octane Oil, are also supposed to reduce your appetite, and therefore your food intake. Though I am not usually one to promote not eating food, the Brain Octane Oil is entirely tasteless, and therefore did not effect my morning cup of coffee.

Skip the milk and cream and add a bit of butter or coconut oil to your coffee. I know it sounds crazy, but it is recommended as a great way to get healthy fats early in the day. I tried it, and though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend drinking butter in your coffee every day, I loved the taste.

Bulletproof is also a lot more than coffee, it can be a whole lifestyle. The Bulletproof Diet prides itself on not giving in to fad eating–it is not a low fat diet, calorie counting diet, nor a processed fake meat diet–it simply focuses on the breakdown of healthy fats versus protein coupled with a lot of vegetables.

Celebrities who love Bulletproof Coffee? Jimmy Fallon, Shailene Woodley, Bree Schaff, and Matt Lauer enjoy this piping hot cup of buttery joe.

The well-thought out construction of Bulletproof Coffee attempts to promote for fewer food cravings, more antioxidant consumption, and no annoying coffee crash. Though I prefer my typical coffee choice, Bulletproof was a new taste in my mouth, and I appreciate mixing it up from time to time.

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