Courtney’s Summer Challenge Week 7 – Ditch the Comfort Zone

Say farewell to the familiar! This week you’re going to break down your own personal barriers and challenge yourself to do something new.

Courtney’s challenge to you in week 7 is to go outside your comfort zone at least three times this week. Whether that’s at home, in the kitchen, at the gym, or at work, do something that scares you a little bit with a big pay off! You tell us what that looks like and you could be the winner who is rewarded with a DIR T-Shirt and some Wholly Guacamole this week.

Click here to join the Week 7 Challenge.

Plus, don’t forget to join us for Courtney’s live video chat Tuesday, August 2, at 7pm cst / 8 est. Get the Details here or RSVP on Facebook.


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