Dance Your Ass Off Recap: Episode 9

alicia dance your ass offIt was semi-finals week on Dance Your Ass Off and the remaining four dance contestants received a va-va-va-voom makeover for a photo shoot with the magazine Life & Style.

As they were primped and prodded, each of the contestants saw firsthand how their sweaty moves have drastically altered not just their looks but their measurements as well as their confidence.

Their before and after images shocked even themselves. Shayla’s new-found pride in herself inspired her to vow that she would never again allow her weight to reach as high as it was when she first started the show.

Pinky is beyond exuberant to learn that she is now a size 8 and Shayla’s jaw drops when she realizes her bust size has dropped four full cup sizes!

Alicia discussed with Dr. H about some of the changes she is going through as she reaches her half-way point of her weight loss goal. Bewildered over the person she sees in the mirror as her dream of becoming the person she only aspired to be inches closer and closer with each pound she drops, Alicia is solid in her commitment to keep her transformative journey alive and flourishing long after the show ends.

This week, all four contestants were given the challenge of dancing the Viennese waltz and the Cha-Cha. While some were smoother than others, Alicia was eliminated due to her weight gain and performance.

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