Diabetes Linked to Dementia in the Elderly

Everyone wants to age gracefully. Included in these wishes is to be of sound mind our entire lives. Unfortunately, too many of us face the challenges of dementia in our golden years. In fact, a 2024 study estimated that one out of every seven adults who are 71 years and over suffer from dementia.

While there are genetic components that may be out of your control, some things are within your control, including your diet.

British and French researchers examined a group of 1,400 elderly people, testing them for signs of dementia at several points over the course of seven years. What they found was that by eliminating diabetes and depression, and increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, it lead to an estimate 21 percent reduction in new cases of dementia. Interestingly, removing a gene linked with the disease would only reduce new cases by seven percent.

The researchers say that early detection and treatment of diabetes is key to reducing the number of future dementia cases.

“Effective prevention of diabetes, depression and heart disease could potentially improve the lives of millions of people affected by this cruel condition and reduce the billions spent on dementia care each year,” says Professor Clive Ballard, director of research at the Alzheimer’s Society in the UK.

(via: BBC)

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