Don’t be So Focused on Making a Living That You Forget to Make a Life

Make sure to stop and smell the roses and play with the kids.

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I think that all too often so many of us get so wrapped up in what we are doing and creating that we forget what’s right in front of us. It’s so important to remember to make sure that we are not so focused on making a living that we forget to make a life. I need this reminder so often that I have a plaque that says it on my entertainment center at home. It’s great to be focused, as long as that focus is also directed to finding balance.

From traveling around the country and hearing thousands of stories about people’s set backs and successes the common denominator between the two was finding that balance.

Giving to ourselves through diet and exercise. Giving to ourselves through spending time with family and friends. Giving to ourselves by solving issues and conflicts as they present themselves, instead of putting to the side and letting them fester. Finding the time for balance is what sometimes feels impossible. Planning becomes priceless. Planning is the key to success in our bodies, our relationships, and in finding balance.

I recently sat down with Jorge Sierra who was featured on Live Big With Ali Vincent. Jorge was my very first Live Big interview and guest of the show. When I first met Jorge he had already lost 100 pounds and wanted that boost to go the step further. Jorge started out strong and was very committed to his new daily routine of going to the gym and staying on point with his diet. He found himself so focused that he was shutting out his family and friends and ended up sliding into a rut. Without giving himself the time to enjoy life by spending down time with the ones he loved he drifted away from his why.

Our ‘why’ is what motivates us to do the work because as important and as necessary as the work is, it becomes irrelevant if we don’t have people in our lives to share it with. It’s important to put time aside to grab a coffee with friends or playing in the backyard with the kids in your life so that all the work we put in becomes worth it!

This week on Live Big With Ali Vincent, I go home to Arizona and catch up with family. Although I planned on a trip to catch up and spend time with my family, nothing could have prepared me for what was in store.

Until next week,

Ali xo

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