Finding Motivation is Easy; Maintaining Motivation is Worth It

It’s so important to constantly reevaluate why we are making the choices that we make. This week on Live Big With Ali Vincent, my mom and I find ourselves back where it all started and stood in line for the Biggest Loser. Although the experience didn’t quite go as planned, I did find new motivation in Arizona to continue on this journey of the rest of my life, being healthy.

People often ask me how to find motivation. If you are truly struggling with staying motivated I think it’s of value to step back and take a look at the definition of the word.


1.     giving of reason to act

2.     Enthusiasm

3.     Reason

4.     forces determining behavior

When you look simply at the definition it might become clear why you are struggling to keep it in your day to day. When we first start out on new journeys we are really clear on why we decided to act.

For me when I first decided to stand in line for the Biggest Loser I was tired of feeling bad about myself and I was willing to try anything to feel differently. For a while that desire to want a change was the force that determined my behavior and gave me a reason to act.

ali and betty sue
After I started on the ranch and I started having results that fueled my desire and created enthusiasm. Seeing results is motivating! As with most things, after doing them for a while, it become more difficult to continue to see results. That’s when it gets to a point that you have to go back to the beginning and come up with a new reason to act.

I knew that although I won the Biggest Loser I was always going to need something to give me a reason to act, that force that determined my behavior. I set physical goals that scare me enough that when I don’t “feel” like doing it my plan gives me reason to do it anyway.

Until next week,

Ali xo

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