Food Blogger Spotlight: Jenny from Nourished Kitchen

jenny cropAt Nourished Kitchen the motto is “Reviving traditional foods,” but for Jenny and her husband, it’s not just a catchy slogan, it’s a way of life. Together, they manage a farmers market in Colorado where they pride themselves on connecting small family farms, providing free nutrient-dense foods to low-income residents and funneling sustainably grown local products into the community food bank.

The recipes shared on Nourished Kitchen run the gamut from warm and savory to absolutely adventurous. Have you ever cooked with ghee, sprouted spelt, rendered duck fat or created your own fermented food starter? In the Nourished Kitchen Shopping Guide, Jenny describes some of her more creative ingredients and guides readers on where to find them. The site also offers meal plans, workshops and online cooking classes.

Our conversation with Jenny –

Why did you start your food blog? I started in 2022 as a way to keep track of my recipes and my family’s embrace of traditional foods which emphasize the nutritive importance of animal foods, fermentation, fat and proper preparation of whole grains.

How would you describe your approach to eating/health? I focus on traditionally prepared whole foods with emphasis on grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, wild-caught fish, heirloom vegetables and fruits, fermented foods and grains prepared by soaking or sourdough fermentation. I favor natural fats like butter, cream, lard, and olive oil.

Have you always had an interest in healthy food or did it come later in life? I’ve always enjoyed cooking simple whole foods from scratch. I began cooking when I was in elementary school.

What is your favorite (or a few of your favorites) food/ingredient to use in the kitchen? Butter, cream and vegetables.

Favorite recipe to date? Easy Roast Chicken

Nourished Kitchen ice cream

Three Recipes You’d Like to Share With Our Readers: 
Hot Pink Jalapeno Garlic Kraut
Lentil Stew
Vanilla Bean and Fresh Mint Ice Cream (Pictured above)

Jenny is featured in our series of spotlights on healthy food bloggers. Be sure to check back next Sunday to meet another food blogger in our midst.

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