Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Sports Anthems

Besides music, football is one of my biggest passions. So, why not marry the two in this week’s workout playlist?

The NFL preseason has kicked off, and it’s a nice little surprise that I get to watch my Pittsburgh Steelers open their preseason on my birthday tomorrow afternoon. While I’ll have a few “official” birthday celebrations this weekend, when you turn 40, with two kids and a wife, something as simple as a football game and firing up the grill is a real treat!

I’ll probably have a few beers and some tasty not-so-healthy foods, so I’ll need a little motivation to put some extra effort into my next cardio routine. With that, I give you some workout music that is either directly connected to sports (played at the venues), or just motivates me to watch my team kick butt.

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Sports Anthems

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