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Egg Recall Sparked by Salmonella Outbreak

More than 100 cases of salmonella sparked a nationwide egg recall. Contaminated eggs have been sourced from farms in Minnesota, Colorado, California and Iowa.

Beginner’s Guide to Barefoot Running

It’s all the rage in fitness right now, but is it right for you? Learn more about the concept of running sans shoes and how to do so safely to not only prevent injury but get a proper workout.

Shay Sorrells Joins!

Exclusively at, you’ll see Shay recapping Biggest Loser season 10 each week. Her videos will highlight that week’s episode, plus shed some insider insight into the show. Additionally, Shay will share her unique take on healthful, practical weight loss.

Don’t Knock Food Journaling Until You Try It

Blogger Renee Ross admits that it’s a little more work, but she praises the task of food journaling for helping her to lose weight. Learn more about why this healthy practice is so good for you.

Best Sports Bras for Busty Girls

Wearing a well-fitting and supportive sports bra is just as important as wearing the right shoes and using proper technique on the machines. Find out which two sports bras we give rave reviews.

New Senate Bill Passed to Improve School Lunches

Recognizing the growing childhood obesity epidemic and the influence poor school lunches are having our children’s weight, the federal government makes a motion to make some major changes.

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