Healthy Back to School Week

healthy back to schoolParents, teachers and kids across the country are gearing up for the most bittersweet time of year – back to school. A friend’s first-grader summed it up well when she was told it was the first day of school: “You mean I have to go back?!” Yes, you have to go back. And no amount of fresh crayons, pencils and new outfits will cover up their disdain as they drag their feet back into those classrooms.

This week at, the focus was on the kids, with Healthy Back to School Week. We invited moms, yoga instructors, chefs, nutrition experts and more to share their insights on ways to fuel kids’ minds, bodies and souls as they transition back into the classroom and prepare for a strong year ahead.

Whether it’s packing a healthier sack lunch, advocating for more nutritious school food, putting more fitness into their days, or helping them de-stress, we’ve got it covered.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Back to School

Send them out the door with the most important meal of the day. Make these days in advance and have on-the-go fuel the rest of the week. – Rebecca Bailey at Life With Boys

chef ann renegade lunch ladyChef Ann Cooper says the National School Lunch Program Needs a Makeover and Chef Ann Cooper’s Proposed Changes for a National School Lunch Program

She calls herself the Renegade Lunch Lady and she’s on a mission to overhaul the food being served in America’s school cafeterias. – Chef Ann Cooper

Healthy Lunch Box Swaps that are Good for your Kids

Trade the fruit snacks, snack cakes and potato chips for fresh fruit, yogurt cups and whole grain crackers. Learn easy and even affordable swaps to pack more nutritious lunches. –

Mocha Manual Mom Returns to Routine for Back to School

This busy mom of two not only has to adjust the kids’ routines when school starts, but her own gets shifted, too. Find out how she not only survives, but thrives. – Kimberly Allers Sears at Mocha Manual

National Dairy Council Promoting Healthier Kids and Healthier Schools

Discussing how we can reverse this growing childhood obesity epidemic by promoting the addition of more nutrient-rich foods and more physical activity in our kids’ diets and lifestyles. – Tab Forgac at National Dairy Council

Healthier Snacks and More Activity Make for Healthier Children

This mom has found sneaky ways to get the kids moving more and making better food choices. Disguise chores as a fun activity and grow your own small vegetable garden! – Jill Knapp at Get Up and Get Moving

4 Healthy Eating Tips for College Freshmen

Eli Sussman, co-author of Freshman in the Kitchen, offers some simple advice that college students can use to enjoy eating and avoid the freshman 15 their first year on campus. – Eli Sussman at Freshman in the Kitchen

healthy children playing5 Yoga Tools for Happy, Healthy School Kids

Even the young ones can draw enormous benefit from regular yoga practice. This yoga instructor includes tips for making yoga a part of pre-exam and bed time routines. – Aruna Kathy Humphrys at Teaching Kids Yoga

The ABCs of Back to School: Anxiety, Butterflies and Coping

A new classroom, new teacher, new friends and even the shock of a new schedule can put kids on the edge. Help them destress with these helpful tips. – Amy Acton at Humana’s CrumpleItUp

How to Help Your Overweight Child at Home and at School

Having an overweight or obese child can be a sensitive issue. Here’s information on how being supportive and introducing healthy lifestyle habits can influence big change. – Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak at the International Food Information Council

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