How to Eat Gluten Free: Dessert

Welcome to part four of my “How to Eat Gluten Free” series. In case you missed the first three editions, check them out for some delicious and healthy inspiration in eating gluten free for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have celiac disease and I don’t adhere to a gluten free diet. However, as more and more of my friends are forced to go gluten free, I desire to know how to cook for them on nights that my husband and I host them for dinner. After all, tacos on corn tortillas get old after four nights in a row.

Additionally, because I’ve noticed feeling sluggish and tired myself after consuming particularly carb-heavy meals, I’ve grown interested in carving some gluten out of my diet just for trial and health’s sake.

With that said, let’s move onto the main event: dessert! At first thought it seems desserts are off limits for the gluten-free eater: no cake, no cookies, no muffins – basically no anything that contains flour. But thanks to the innovation and creativity of several gluten-free cooks and professional chefs, there are now countless options when it comes to enjoying gluten-free desserts.

One of the main reasons this is possible is gluten-free flours, such as chickpea flour, almond meal and a new gluten-free all purpose flour from the famed French Laundry called Cup 4 Cup. With gluten-free products like these readily available in most markets and health food stores, it seems desserts are no longer limited to ice cream and plain old fruit – although there is a place and time for those, too.

The following is a round-up of our favorite gluten-free desserts from around the Web, including an instant chocolate mousse and raspberry scones from the famed Babycakes Bakery in New York City.

Strawberry Orange Sorbet from Delicious Shots – A delicious mix of fresh strawberries and oranges – make this dish quick before summer expires!

Babycakes Double Chocolate Chip Cookies – A fudge-like, decadent cookie from Babycakes Bakery that’s 100 percent delicious and 100 percent gluten-free; Ooh-la-la.

Instant Chocolate Mousse from Cafe Fernando – Be sure to snag some high quality chocolate that’s sans gluten, and then whip up this quick and simple dessert to the delight of all your friends.

Babycakes Raspberry Scones – Nothing says morning like a cup of coffee and a scone. Deny your breakfast cravings no longer with this decadent yet healthy scone studded with fresh raspberries – delicious breakfast indeed.

Healthy Almond Banana Meal Muffins from Honest Fare – Moist, fluffy gluten-free muffins bursting with almond and fresh banana flavor. I can’t wait to make a dozen, or two.

And that concludes our “How to Eat Gluten Free” series. We hope you feel inspired, empowered and excited about your gluten-free diet thanks to the now 20 scrumptious and healthy recipes you have on hand. Now go forth and eat gluten-free, fearlessly and deliciously!

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