Instagram Feeds Hamburglarized by McDonald’s and Nobody is Lovin’ It

McD Instagram

Hey McDonald’s! Get Your Garbage Food Out of My Instagram Feed!

We’ve known they were coming, but sponsored posts have finally landed right smack dab in the middle of what may be my favorite social media channel.

“It’s quiet over there” I wrote of Instagram recently, when a friend was questioning the medium’s purpose.

That’s been disrupted. Our site gets its bread and butter from ads, so we’re not hating on Instagram for making some dough. But, Instagram… McDonald’s… know your audience! We, along with thousands of others, are raging against the cheap hamburger machine because no amount of food styling is good enough to make that FrankenFood desirable.

Instagram, you’ve got highly capable technology holding up that back end. You know what I post. A lot of food? Yes. I post a lot of food. Has it once ever been of a fast food burger?

Not a hamburger-flippin’ chance.

No More Sicky D’s For Me! Recovering McDonald’s Addict Goes One Year Clean

I’m not the only one mad, outraged, or inconvenienced by this nonsense. Didn’t McDonald’s know better? Or at this point, do they just welcome the abuse? The entire thread was filled with hateful, angry comments.

That glow…Will make u sick — a_pintado

wow. you guys aren’t trying hard at all. — jablesay

haha this is so gross i got diabetes just looking at this — @trans_turtle

McDonalds ad in my @instagram feed?? #yuck #yucky — @Starrj

Nobody is lovin’ this, especially not the key demographic Micky D’s is trying to capture here.

“Like a bunch of other millennial-focused marketers, McDonald’s likely picked Instagram to grab the attention of smartphone-toting youngsters. These marketing efforts seem to be falling flat though with a swarm of backlash against the burger chain’s ad,” reported AdWeek‘s Lauren Johnson.

Falling as flat as their pancakes.

We’re not trying to run McDonald’s away from the hashtag happiest land around, we just hope they target a little more strategically. Foodies, health nuts, fitness lovers, none of them want to scroll through an endless collage of artful photographs and have to stop at a poorly styled, badly targeted greasy burger ad.

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