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Apple’s new iPhone 3G predictably drew long lines from gadget geeks who always want the latest and greatest in technology first. The allure of the phone is about almost everything other than the fact that it’s a phone. You have access to hundreds of downloadable programs at the App Store. Among the programs are some interesting health-related applications. Matthew Shulman of U.S. News and World Report tested and reviewed several of them.

iphoneThe three that are really focused on dieting or weight loss are:

This is a food diary app. You’ll use it to record everything you consume during the day. It has an FDA food database that provides nutritional facts. It tallies total calories for you, and even keeps a running grocery list of the items you’ve run out of. This app costs $4.99.

Absolute Fitness
Shulman liked this app the best. He says it’s a comprehensive and simple app that manages your food and fitness diaries, allows you to set and track goals, as well as maintain important personal health stats like cholesterol and calories. It has a generous nutrition facts database. This app costs $14.99.

It’s nothing more than a pedometer, using the accelerometer within the iPhone. According to Shulman, it’s very inaccurate- only counting about 1/3 of the steps taken. This app costs $1.99.

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I recently posted the first of a series of articles that relates to iPhone/iPod apps that will help you lose weight. Thought I’d share:


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