Keeping a Food Journal for Weight Loss is Beneficial

The idea behind keeping a food journal is making yourself keep track of exactly how many calories you are taking in.  The more detailed you keep this food journal the better.  Being very detailed is noting everything, i.e. instead of writing down sandwich you should write two slices of bread, two slices of turkey, one slice of cheese, ½ tbsp mustard, two slices of tomato, four cucumber slices, and ¼ cup lettuce.

food journalIn this food journal you should write down the food you are eating, what time you’re eating, the exact portion/amount you’re consuming, and the amount of calories and fat you’re taking in.  It also would be a good idea if you noted if you were eating alone or with someone else, the mood you were in or how you are feeling, the total amount of time it takes for you to eat, and if you’re doing something else while eating (watching tv, reading, on computer, etc.).

Studies show that people who stay dedicated and keep track of a detailed food journal lose more weight and actually maintain the pounds lost.  Food journals make you responsible for really observing what you are putting into your body.  Food journals provide you with evidence that cutting calories and choosing healthier foods really do translate into weight loss.

Also, you may find it beneficial if you write yourself a goal to obtain each week after looking back at previous journal entries.  An example could be, you notice that you are only eating two servings of veggies at dinner, so you decide to incorporate at least one more serving of vegetables everyday at lunch.

Keeping a food journal can feel tedious and time consuming, but if you stay dedicated and really put forth the effort to maintain one, you will truly benefit by losing those unwanted pounds and keeping it off!

Keeping your food journal can be as simple as a notebook and pencil, or you can consider using one of the many food journal products available. Check out these reviews to learn more:

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