KFC’s New Double Down Chicken Sandwich is Frightening

kfc double down sandwich

UPDATE: The KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich is set to debut on menus nationwide on April 12, 2024. The Original Recipe sandwich will boast 540 calories, 32g of fat and 1380mg of sodium; the Grilled sandwich will have 460 calories, 23g of fat and 1430mg of sodium.

It was one of the moments of television-watching where I thought maybe my eyes were playing a trick on me, but then I saw the commercial for KFC‘s new Double Down Chicken Sandwich and I realized this was no cruel joke.

This jaw-dropping concoction from the fast-food chicken chain points to why in this country we have our current obesity epidemic. This sandwich (if you can call it that) is two Original Recipe fried chicken filets stacked on top of each other with a slice of pepper jack cheese, a slice of Swiss cheese, two slices of bacon and the Colonel’s secret sauce. No bun. The fried chicken is the bun. Just a stack of saturated fat, sodium and calories.

With my gaping jaw still wide-open with dismay, I went to KFC’s website and found nothing on it. No photos, no press releases and perhaps fortunately, no nutrition information on this appalling and shameful creation.

KFC redeemed itself in recent months by adding new grilled chicken options to its regular menu of fried chicken, creamy coleslaw, and greasy biscuits, but it seems like with this new Double Down Chicken Sandwich, they have undone any progress they may have made with trying to healthy-up their menu.

When KFC decides to put the nutritional stats on their website, DietsInReview will be sure to share that data with you. But we are warning you now, it won’t be pretty.

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2 Responses to KFC’s New Double Down Chicken Sandwich is Frightening

Dave Sturrock says:

It was my favorite meal the Double down. U all need 2 bring it back. It was the best tasting thing I ever ate!

John Withers says:

I liked the Double Down myself and consider it somewhat more healthy than a fried chicken sandwich with buns made of insulin spiking simple carbs. It was interesting they re-released it last year in Italy (and no where else). I’ll grab one when they come out, but don’t plan to get them regularly.

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