Lessons Learned in Eat Pray Love

In the book Eat Pray Love, a true story based on one woman’s journey across the globe, we get to follow along as she eats, prays and loves her way through three very distinct countries. Starting August 13, women will be flocking to theaters to see and experience what this journey was really like as the film opens nationwide, starring Julia Roberts.

While we may not all be as carefree or brave as Elizabeth Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts, Eat Pray Love has its share of lessons that many of us can benefit from. In keeping with the three main themes of the book, which I myself read and loved, I wanted to share my advice and lessons that I gathered:


Elizabeth begins her journey in Italy. This is where she works through a large portion of her emotional turmoil and turns to food as many of us do to help her through the difficult time.

The fact that she is in Italy with delicious food surrounding her could only have made it that much easier. While food should never be your crutch, pasta and pizza are not the enemy. Carbohydrates are an essential part of one’s diet and by including whole grains and loads of fresh veggies, this hearty meal will keep you feeling full and happy!

Try these healthy and delicious pasta dishes:

Pasta with Roasted Garden Vegetables

Quinoa Pasta with Creamy Pesto and Tomatoes (Chef Rocco and Amy Parham prepared this gluten-free pasta dish for The Biggest Loser)

Italian Spaghetti


Elizabeth’s next stop was India for a lot of self-reflection and putting all her energy and focus into one place – herself. Can you remember the last time that you dedicated time to just you? It’s important that we all make time for ourselves; it’s during this time that you can take a break from the everyday and do a little self-renewal. This could be through daily meditation, yoga, or even hitting the gym. These types of releases help rejuvenate the body.

Try these yoga poses when you get some time:

Yoga Pose for Seated Forward Fold

Navasana Yoga Posture (Boat Pose)

Yoga Pigeon Pose


The final destination is Bali, and while I’m not going to give away the ending, love is such an important factor in everyone’s lives. Not only to love others, but to love yourself. Loving yourself opens you up to enjoy and experience life. It allows you to love others that much more deeply and receive that love back as well.

Take a moment today, look in the mirror and tell yourself five things you love about yourself, if you want to keep going don’t stop at five. Pay attention to the person and voice saying those statements back to you and when you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy, go share something you love about someone else with them.

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