Lunch Break Sweat-Free Workouts for Busy Bees

You’ve got a crazy hectic schedule and there’s no time to hit the gym after work because of your long to-do list. You want to get a quick/decent workout in over lunch, but there’s no time for that either because you’ll need a shower. So what do you do? Try some of these sweat-free workout tricks.

With this list of workout activities, you’ll be able to develop a lunch workout regimen that you’ll be able to complete in a quick and timely manner without causing you to perspire, and in turn, needing to make time to shower. You’ll be back to work just in time for those afternoon meetings! No, you won’t be burning the calories like you would during a hard cardio session, but it’s far better than no activity at all.


Not only does walking benefit you through burning calories, but it also helps control blood pressure and relaxes the body and mind. By choosing walking as your lunch time activity, you’ve got many choices both in and outside of the office. Meet a friend at a nearby park, or if it’s hot, go to the gym and grab a treadmill or walk the track for 30 minutes. A great option for those who can’t leave the office is to walk up and down the stairs or find long hallways. Like mentioned above, anything is better than nothing.


Since Pilates is not an aerobic workout there’s no sweat intensity. Pilates will not give you the benefit of a strength training or cardio workout but it does, however, target the abdominal and back muscles. There is no equipment needed for a short Pilates workout and it can be done anywhere at anytime.


Yoga is a gentle stretching workout that offers a broad variety of health and fitness benefits. Like Pilates, yoga can also be done anywhere at anytime with no equipment needed. Even the most simple postures help strengthen core, leg, back, and arm muscles.

Strength Training

As one of the top ways to build muscle and boost metabolism, strength training is another option that doesn’t require sweat bullets to get a full body workout. In whatever location you choose to take your lunch break, try simple exercises like push ups, squats, lunges, and triceps dips with 30 seconds in between sets to keep your heart rate down to a sweat-free level.


If you’re able to leave the office and stop by the house for a bit, then knocking out a few chores will kill two birds with one stone. Yes you read right. Housecleaning can be a workout, too. By performing light chores around the house such as laundry, dusting, taking out the trash, and changing the sheets, a 150-pound person can burn about 170 calories per hour. That’s 170 more calories gone than if you had sat at your desk through lunch…and you cleaned a few things off your to-do list. Big ups for multitasking!

To get the most out of your sweat-free workout, make sure to have a light lunch at your desk first that includes protein and a slow digesting carbohydrate that will give you energy for the workout. When finished with the workout, try a fast digesting carbohydrate, such as a banana and an instant protein shake, that will help recover your muscles.

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