Michael Phelps to Pitch Frosted Flakes

frosted flakesIt was just released that upon Michael Phelps’ return to the U.S., for whom he’s won eight gold medals, he will become the poster boy for Frosted Flakes cereal.

This is the cereal, covered in sugar, packed with calories that kids across America are eating for their very unhealthy breakfasts. And the guy pitching is in fact the one who kids across America are admiring for his remarkable athleticism.

michael phelps wheatiesAfter his medal-sweep in Athens, Michael pitched Wheaties. Which seems very appropriate. The brand conveys, health and strength. Frosted Flakes is far from being the breakfast of any champion. In fact, in the newly-released Eat This, Not That for Kids!, Frosted Flakes topped the list of cereals your children should never eat… or you for that matter.

One serving of Frosted Flakes has 120 Calories, 0g Fat, 12g Sugar and only one gram of Fiber.

Compare that to Wheaties with 100 Calories, .5g Fat, 4g Sugar and 3g Fiber. Also, Wheaties is made with 100% whole grains.

With a platform primed for encouraging and promoting the health of children in America, it’s disappointing to see Michael Phelps cashing a check for the alternative.

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