MTV’s Chelsea Settles Follows Plus-Sized Star in the Fashion World

Chelsea Settles is MTV‘s newest reality star and, at 324 pounds, their first ever plus-sized one. Her new reality show Chelsea Settles will be premiering in October and will highlight Chelsea’s move to Los Angeles as she tries to break into the fashion industry.

Settles will attempt to get a job, live with a roommate for the first time and try to lose weight, all on camera. Chelsea is 23-years old and knows that getting into the fashion industry is going to be hard work – especially while trying to not only tackle weight loss, but overcome the fashion industry’s attitude towards weight. Not only will Chelsea be chasing her dream career, she will also be working with a personal trainer to lose weight and experiencing the LA social scene.

It is refreshing to see that MTV has embraced a show like this that chronicles the weight loss journey of someone that has a large amount of weight to lose. Chelsea is representative of so many people who have excess weight and need to get healthy, while also dealing with other life changes. Losing weight can be difficult for anyone, but when you throw in everyday life challenges like family, work, moving and stress, losing weight can be very difficult.

Time will tell is Settles is successful, both in weight loss and her efforts to break into the fashion industry. Hopefully Chelsea Settles will emerge as a role model for young Americans everywhere- not only in weight loss, but in perusing your dreams, going for your goals and changing people’s perceptions about the overweight.

Via People TV Watch

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