Olympic Volleyball Player Kerri Walsh Shares Her Fav Workout Gear

Kerri Walsh WorkoutFew things things inspire us to get moving like an Olympic athlete. Kerri Walsh, two-time gold medalist and mom, shares her favorite workout gear. Being properly equipped can make or break a workout, and we know Walsh spends a lot of time training, so she’s really got the insiders scoop.

Workout cloths should be comfortable and practical. “It is important that the clothing is made with a dry fit material to help with sweat,” Walsh says. But they don’t have to be frumpy. “When I am not feeling cute, I wear leggings to work out. I really love cropped leggings and a tank. Oh, and you cannot forget a good sports bra!”

If you train outside, keeping your skin protected is of paramount importance, particularly the skin around your eyes. “I make sure I have on my Oakley Commit Sunglasses, which are the ones I wear when I compete.”

Of course, you can’t forget the workout playlist. “My iPod is my favorite work out accessory.” Walsh recently started using the NXE iPod moisture-wicking sports sleeve to keep her player safe while she exercises. “It is super comfortable.”  Thanks for the tips!

Via FitSugar.

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