Pamper Yourself to Good Health

spa treatmentWhat do you do for others that you do not do for yourself? Do you clean more deeply when visitors are coming? Even though most people enjoy the results of a put together home, many are a bit more lax when just the family will see the contents. Do you only use the soft towels when you have guests? Do you get something fast and less healthy when it is just you? Are you more likely to cook with the freshest ingredients when you have a dinner guest? How would your family dinner be different if Jillian Michaels was coming for a visit? Are you more likely to go to exercise every day when your high school reunion is approaching?

Putting your best foot forward to others can be a positive thing. It can make someone else feel special and make you feel good about yourself and how you treat others. However, I want to challenge you to treat yourself like an honored guest. Keep your environment tidy and your mind will feel more ordered. Think about using the best ingredients and healthiest foods as providing premium fuel for your body. Exercise to improve your health, energy, outlook, and confidence, not just because you want to impress someone else.

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